Your Thanksgiving Gift from Asbury!

As a little Thanksgiving treat, we will be uploading new classes on ThriveU! You won’t want to miss the opportunity to learn from these wonderful professors, so keep an eye on your email for all of the material that will soon be available.
ThriveU is a free website dedicated to our degree holding alumni. It offers streaming video of seminary classes you can view online at your own pace. Classes include an overview of class content and syllabi with suggested reading resources. Many also include original PowerPoint presentations used by the professors and homework assignments. It is a great way to strengthen your mind and stay up-to-date with the seminary teaching. 
If you are a degree-holding alumnus of Asbury Theological Seminary, and you have not yet accessed ThriveU, please visit this link to get started. Note that technical support information is located at the bottom of that page. We are happy to assist you in gaining access to all your alumni benefits. Be sure to check out ThriveU, and continue diving in!

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