Dr. Thomas McCall

Timothy C. and Julie M. Tennent Chair of Theology

Dr. McCall has most recently been Professor of Theology and Scholar-in-Residence at Asbury University. Prior to this, he served for sixteen years as Professor of Biblical and Systematic Theology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois, where he was also the Director of the Carl F. H. Henry Center for Theological Understanding. During this same time, he held an appointment as Professorial Fellow in Exegetical and Analytic Theology at the University of St. Andrews.

Dr. McCall is ordained in the Wesleyan Church and has pastored churches in southwestern Michigan and southcentral Alaska. He is considered an exemplary teacher and renowned author, having published numerous books and articles. His newest book Analytic Christology and the Theological Interpretation of the New Testament was recently released by Oxford University Press (2021).

Dr. McCall has published articles in Philosophia Christi, the Trinity Journal, the International Journal of Systematic Theology, and the Scottish Journal of Theology, and he has contributed chapters to several edited volumes. He is the coeditor (with Michael C. Rea) of and a contributor to Philosophical and Theological Essays on the Trinity (Oxford University Press, 2009) and the coauthor (with Keith D. Stanglin) of Jacob Arminius: Theologian of Grace (Oxford University Press, 2012). He is also the author of the following books:

  • Analytic Christology and the Theological Interpretation of the New Testament. Oxford Studies in Analytic Theology. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2021.
  • After Arminius: A Historical Introduction to Arminian Theology. With Keith D. Stanglin. New York: Oxford University Press, 2020. (Portuguese translation under contract).
  • Against God and Nature: The Doctrine of Sin. Foundations of Evangelical Theology, series editor John S. Feinberg. Wheaton: Crossway, 2019.
  • An Invitation to Analytic Christian Theology. Downers Grove: InterVarsity Academic, 2015.
    Introduccion a la teologia christiana analitica. Miami: Vida, 2020. (Spanish Translation)
  • Forsaken: The Trinity and the Cross, and Why It Matters. Downers Grove: InterVarsity Academic, 2012.
  • Jacob Arminius: Theologian of Grace. With Keith D. Stanglin. New York: Oxford University Press, 2012.
    Jaco Arminio: Teologo da Graca. Sao Paulo: Editora Reflexao, 2016. (Portuguese translation).
  • Which Trinity? Whose Monotheism? Philosophical and Systematic Theologians on the Metaphysics of Trinitarian Theology. Grand Rapids: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., 2010.

Dr. McCall began his time on the Kentucky campus of Asbury Theological Seminary in July 2021. He is married to Jenny (a middle school science teacher and NASA enthusiast), and they have four children in college, high school, and middle school (Cole, Josiah, Madelyn, and Isaac).

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