Campus Safety

The Asbury Seminary Emergency Information Handbook is provided by the Office of the Vice President of Finance & Administration to assist members of the Seminary community in reporting and responding to emergencies. If a situation requires the response of Asbury Seminary or other emergency personnel, please follow the guidelines outlined in the Emergency Handbook. Students are encouraged to keep their car doors locked at all times. Communicate any security concerns or potential problems to the Office of the VP of Finance and Administration. In accordance with federal regulations, information on campus crime statistics is distributed annually to all enrolled student by October 1.

Weather emergencies

The seminary provides timely updates on campus closings and delays due to inclement weather through:

  • WLEX-TV (channel 18); WKYT-TV (channel 27); WTVQ-TV (channel 36)
  • Online via¬†Connect
  • EARS – Emergency Alert System

Important Documents