Chapel Prayer Walk Through Asbury Seminary

Prayer is embedded in the very DNA of Asbury Theological Seminary, evidenced by dedicated prayer spaces located in almost every public building. These chapels are public spaces, whispering “Welcome” to persons rushing by, inviting them to pause and meet with God. Life in the Asbury Seminary community winds its way in and out of these prayer chapels throughout the course of any ordinary day. We encourage you to use this Chapel Prayer Walk as a personal experience of prayer and pause. Enter into the welcoming Presence of the Holy Spirit who awaits you.

Awaken to the presence of God on a prayer walk through Asbury Seminary’s sacred chapel spaces.

1. Estes Chapel

Located on N Lexington Avenue alongside other main campus buildings, Estes Chapel is the central place of worship at Asbury Seminary.

2. Haskins-Luce Prayer Chapel

Located immediately beside Estes, down the long adjacent hall, the Luce Chapel is reminiscent of gospel churches across America.

3. Giorgianni Prayer Closet

Located on the first floor of the Admin Building, around the corner from the Alumni Office, the prayer closet is an intensely personal prayer chapel, usually used for solitude and personal prayer. Step inside and close the door to experience the deep sense of peace in this space.

4. Stanger Prayer Chapel

Located in the Student Center down the hall from the dining area, this small and deeply personal chapel is ideal for prayer and solitude.

5. Richard Allen Chapel

Located on the first floor of the Beeson Center, this chapel is a highly liturgical space with excellent acoustics that serves many worship gatherings.

6. McKenna Chapel

Located between the Asbury Inn and Beeson Center, McKenna Chapel is a large chapel with stadium seating and stage lighting that houses a magnificent organ.

7. Fletcher Chapel

Across from the Asbury Inn is the J.C. McPheeters Building/Stanger Hall entrance. Fletcher Chapel is located off the first floor hallway on the right behind double doors and is uniquely designed for the celebration of the Eucharist.

8. Prayer Garden

Located outdoors to the right of the first floor entrance to J.C. McPheeters, this small, outdoor prayer garden features the spiritual symbol of the labyrinth. Also accessible through Fletcher Chapel.

9. Larabee Morris Prayer Chapel

Located in Larabee Morris room 205, this very small chapel has two chairs and an altar for an enclosed, intimate space to get away and pray.