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*We are now matching students with mentors for Spring 2024.

Asbury Legacy Mentoring aims to foster purposeful relationships between current students and alumni. We hope the relationships formed in this program will empower students to thrive in their ministry by providing trusted mentoring from experienced professionals. Students and alumni can cultivate deep and meaningful connections by engaging in this mentoring program, fostering an environment where both parties mutually benefit and thrive.

Frequency of Meetings:

It is recommended that the student and alum meet at least once per month. However, the exact frequency of mentoring meetings needs to be agreed upon by both the student and the alum.

Preferred Location of Meetings:

The Mentoring Platform (Qooper) allows the use of Google Meet and Zoom for the student and alum to meet virtually. The student is responsible for scheduling the meetings through the Mentoring Platform.

Duration of Meetings:

It is recommended to allow a minimum of 30 minutes for each meeting. The basic account of Google Meet allows for a 60-minute meeting, and the basic account of Zoom allows for a 45-minute meeting.

Preferred Method of Contact:

The student and alum need to agree upon their preferred way of communicating between meetings. This can be done via email, text, or chat through the Mentoring Platform. 

Student’s Responsibility:

The student’s primary role is to take initiative in the mentoring relationship. The student is responsible for scheduling meetings, preparing for each meeting, and updating any goals or progress they have made in the mentoring relationship.

Duration of Mentoring Relationship:

The mentoring relationship is grounded in a semester commitment that can be renewed as the student progresses through their seminary journey. At the end of each semester, both the student and alum participate in a brief survey. This survey serves as an opportunity for reflection on the mentoring experience and offers an avenue for providing valuable feedback. It is at this time that both the student and alum can decide whether to continue the mentoring relationship or conclude it. Should either party opt to discontinue, they can request to be matched with another participant or pause their participation in the program.

Discontinue Mentoring:

During the mentoring relationship, it is important that both student and alum communicate openly and honestly to give each other feedback. We will discuss and attempt to resolve any conflicts as they arise. However, if this is not possible, agree to abide by one another’s decision. At that time, the relationship can be terminated, and new relationships can be sought.


We acknowledge that personal and professional confidences will be treated as such and that the student and alum will endeavor to maintain a relationship built on mutual trust, respect, and confidentiality.


Jeremy Fulda is the Director of Career and Calling at Asbury Theological Seminary. He can be reached at jeremy.fulda@asburyseminary.edu or by phone at 859-858-2086.