Frequently Asked Questions

*We are now matching students with mentors for Spring 2024.

What is the time commitment?

The student and mentor are expected to connect at least once a month. Students and mentors are welcome to continue working together after the conclusion of the formal program; however, this is not obligatory. The student and mentor will have access to enrichment resources that will help them in their mentoring relationship.

What is the timeline for the program?

We accept registrations for new students and mentors on a rolling basis. However, the timing of matching the two depends on the number of active registrations for both students and mentors. The commitment for both students and mentors is six months at a time.

What is the format in which we meet?

Students and mentors may meet in person, via phone, or virtually. Once matched, they must agree upon the logistics of their meetings.

How will I be matched with my student/mentor?

Every effort is made to match a student with a mentor with similar degree and/or career interests. After matches are established, students and mentors are notified by email. The Career and Calling Center will review applications to assign matches and notify pairs.

What if it is not a good fit?

Students and mentors will complete a brief survey every six months to reflect on the experience and provide feedback. It is at this time that both student and mentor will have the opportunity to continue the mentoring relationship or stop. If the mentoring relationship is stopped, both parties will have the opportunity to be matched with another student or mentor.

Who do I talk with if I have questions?

Jeremy Fulda is the Director of Career and Calling at Asbury Theological Seminary. He can be reached at or by phone at 859-858-2086.