This year our theme is discipleship, and we are going to be examining the way God disciples our bodies, minds and spirits. This fall, I will focus on what it means to have a discipled body. This series will cover issues related to the human body and human sexuality and how our bodies should be ordered before God.  In the spring, we will focus on discipling our minds before God’s and learn ways that we can redirect our hearts toward God and his perfect love.

Courses on The Life of Discipleship

 CD501 – Vocation of Ministry

CD605 – Gospel Catechesis: Transformative Discipleship

CD/MF615 Family Development: Discipleship and the Home

CS/CD/MS676 Discipling for Evangelism and Social Justice

MS750/ME950 Missional Discipleship

MS714/ME914 Theology of Evangelism

MS735/ME935 Wesleyan Missiology

MM520, 620, 720 and various practicums 

SF502 The Spiritual Life of the Leader

SF625 Theology & Spiritual Formation

SF630 Wesleyan Tradition and Spiritual Formation

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