March 2018

The Alumni Link is a monthly e-publication provided to the alumni of Asbury Theological Seminary

Our Journey in the Psalms: Dr. Timothy Tennent

Dr. Tennent shares the incredible insight and communion with God that he and Julie have found in the Psalms.

Let’s Have a Party! Alumni Gatherings at Annual Conferences

Are you having an alumni gathering at your Annual Conference this year? Would you like to start one? Let us help! Read more to find out how!

Seedbed Invites You to Journey through the Psalms with Dr. and Mrs. Tennent!

Journeying through the Psalms can be one of the most rich experiences you can have in encountering the Lord through his Word. Journey with Dr. and Mrs. Tennent through the Psalms with their newest publications! Read more for details!

Looking for Solid Ministers to Hire? Come to Asbury for an Official Recruiting Visit!

Would you like to hire the best of the best? Look no further! Come for an official visit to Asbury Theological Seminary!

These Asburians Lead Some of the Top 25 Fastest Growing Large United Methodist Churches in America!

What a great job our alumni are doing all over the world. Let’s take a moment to celebrate these alumni who were recently honored for rapid growth in their congregations.

Alumni Spotlight: Ryan Bennett

Get to know our Alumni Council Team! This month, we introduce Ryan Bennett.

A Devotional Reading: Odysseus (Escape) or Jason (Delight)?

Enjoy this short devotional readings that was written by one of our current students!

The Truth of God’s People and Anger Management in View of God’s Forgiveness

Dr. Long shares from his wealth of Greek knowledge how the scripture teaches us to live regarding anger and forgiveness.

What’s Happening in the Beeson Center?

Check out all of the exciting things going on in the Beeson Center!

Updates, Events, and Publications

We hope you will join us for the Wesley Waddle 10K/5K on April 21st! Take a look at all of our updates and events coming up!