Alumnae Band Together to Preach God’s Word in Unique Way

Published Date: July 1, 2020

Living in a socially distanced world has most definitely impacted many, and churches are no exception. Perhaps it has felt a little lonely, a little withdrawn, and a little strange to take a step back from the community we once thrived in and watch our worship services on a screen within the confines of a smaller space. Even still, the opportunity to share the Gospel has flourished, and others tuning in online have found themselves watching a service when they may have never before set foot in a church building. The Lord has been moving in lives and hearts, and for Asbury Theological Seminary alumna, Janine Plum, that was no exception.

Janine felt the Holy Spirit inviting her to share messages alongside others in a new, exciting, and faithful way. “COVID 19 has drawn us out of the walls of our church buildings and given us a way to share the Gospel through Facebook, YouTube and our websites,” she said. After Easter, Janine wondered what some of her sisters in Christ were planning on sharing about Pentecost with their churches. She reached out to alumni Katie Grover, Joy Mitchell, and Erin Owens to see if they would be interested in taking turns preaching and sharing on the role and work of the Holy Spirit in the church and within individuals. Each preached on a topic, recorded their own segments, and put the sermons together in order to share with each of their churches.

Blessed by receiving messages from others whom God has gifted, their churches were able to experience sermons and teachings from different voices—a unique and engaging blessing. 

“Each of us are serving in different contexts,” said Katie. “Not only are we located in various places geographically, but the people in our congregations vary in regard to education, socio-economic status, political ideology, age, biblical knowledge, and spiritual maturity. So, though not all gathered in one place, we all were able/will be able to hear the Gospel in ways we could/can understand.”

Through the Holy Spirit’s guidance and the Lord’s anointing, the women were able to cohesively preach and “gather,” bringing the Good News to many in a passionate pursuit of God’s glory. 

“I was so blessed to see how our good God brought all of the pieces together through the Spirits work in each of our preparation,” Joy said. 

Amid online sermons and socially-distanced services, many have missed the communal aspects of church. These alumni brought together an incredible “communal” feel in allowing congregants to hear from others in a way that they normally would not have the opportunity to be blessed with.

“You never know who is watching our virtual worship services, and the even greater importance of preaching the Gospel in season and out of season,” said Janine. What a blessing in the large community of the kingdom of God to witness how the Lord moves from all over the globe. 

Check out a video compilation of their preaching below!

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