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US Senate Recognizes ATS

Published Date: March 2, 2023

Any graduate of Asbury Theological Seminary knows the impact that God has made through this place. This impact has not gone unnoticed at the national level. The following is the ATS entry from a congressional honor read before the US Senate by Mitch McConnell, and it nicely summarizes Asbury’s beginnings and current effectiveness.


Mr. MCCONNELL. Madam President, Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, KY, has charted quite a few major milestones in American Christian life. The school was the home of the first Christian music festival in the country; they established the first department of prayer and spiritual life at an American seminary; they have readied thousands of graduates to serve at every level of religious life. This year, Asbury is celebrating another milestone, marking 100 years of operation. I ask my colleagues to join me in honoring this renowned Kentucky institution and recognizing its outstanding contributions to our Nation’s spiritual

When Dr. Henry Clay Morrison founded Asbury Theological Seminary a century ago, he did so with one simple motto: ‘‘the whole Bible for the whole world.’’ Back then, the school only had three students and a skeleton staff. But Dr. Morrison was an energetic, effective leader, and soon, Asbury was attracting theological students from across the country and world to learn how to spread the gospel in the tradition of John Wesley.

Since its earliest days, Asbury has grown by leaps and bounds, now enrolling more than 1,800 students from 80 denominations and 50 countries. It is among the 10 largest accredited theological seminaries in the country, with satellite campuses in Tennessee, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Florida and a robust online presence. The seminary also shares a heritage with Asbury University, one of Kentucky’s finest Christian universities, and helps the school provide a faith-driven education to students pursuing secular professions.

Today, Asbury’s reach extends far beyond Kentucky and all across the globe. With several U.S. Navy chaplains as graduates, they even have representation in every time zone on the planet. Asbury alumni have served as pastors, church planters, missionaries, counselors, educators, nonprofit leaders, and in government. As much as the school has grown over the past 100
years, though, Asbury remains firmly rooted in its Jessamine County home. The vibrant community surrounding the school is a testament to its founders’ enduring commitment to Kentucky.

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Asbury Theological Seminary president, Dr. Timothy Tennent, and to all of Asbury’s administrators, professors, alumni, and students, who do so much to support mission-based service in the Commonwealth. They have helped put Kentucky at the center of America’s religious education system. I ask my colleagues to join me in congratulating Asbury Theological Seminary on a century of service and success and wish them the best as their school continues to evangelize and spread scriptural holiness throughout the world.

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5 responses to “US Senate Recognizes ATS”

  1. Rev. Dr. Charlie Satterwhite says:

    This is a great tribute, and high honor in the troubled times we are living. Holiness is not understood, but experienced as we spread the gospel. I am honored to be an alumnus.

  2. Rev. Prof. Bauta Motty says:

    I am proud to be an alumnus of ATS. Yes, the vision of the founding fathers is ongoing and ravaging spiritual strongholds globally

  3. John Covington says:

    I am a graduate of ATS, class of 1982. I have fond memories of the many professors. I had the privilege to glean from their knowledge, their spiritual depth, and love of the Lord Jesus Christ, which I carried into every Church/Charge I was assigned to serve. This is a worthy acknowledgement for ATS. Praise God for Asbury Theological Seminary and for their sound Biblical stance in a time and generation where evil is called good and good is called evil.

  4. Nahor Samaila says:

    I rejoice with Asbury Seminary my alma mater. I am happy that its contribution to the nation and outside world is celebrated by the Senate.

  5. Art Leach says:

    On May 15, 1963 I graduated from Franklin-Simpson High School in Franklin, KY. In June, 1963 I entered the Air Force Academy in Colorado. In June, 1991 I retired as a USAF Colonel. You had a flag flown over the Capitol Building in my honor. I entered Asbury Theological Seminary that summer. I retired from the United Methodist ministry in June, 2012. My ties to Kentucky and to Asbury Theological Seminary will never be broken. Thank you for your words concerning this awesome institution.

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