Professional Certificate in Leadership Development Now Available at Asbury Seminary

If you’re looking to increase your leadership effectiveness, Asbury Seminary offers a certificate program in Leadership Development. Take five courses (15 hours) that are designed to help you grow as a leader in the church or a nonprofit organization.

  • All courses are offered online and as hybrids at all Asbury Seminary campuses and extension sites.
  • Previous completed coursework may apply.
  • Financial aid is available for qualified students.
  • Courses taken for the Leadership Development Certificate may also be applied toward a 48-hour Master of Arts in Leadership.

For more information, call Randy Ozan at 859-858-2210 or email him at

Courses include:

  • CL605   Christian Leadership Identity
  • CL613   Theology and Practice of Equipping Laity
  • CL617   Leading Change
  • CL718   Cross-Cultural Leadership
  • CLXXX   Any CL elective course

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