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Ambassadors for Christ International – Philippines Update

This spring, National Director Dr. Isaias Catorce, class of ’10, visited  Vienna (Austria) through an invitation from Grace Christian Fellowship pastor Simeon Silorio. Participants came from three countries. He was able to conduct home Bible studies and  Transformational Disciple-making Framework (TDF) workshops, as well as preach at GCF alongside senior pastor Mars Tare. He also got the opportunity to visit Japan in May with his wife Judith May, and their children Climar and Isha. They were there for 17 days preaching, completing workshops, and worshiping with many there.

This update was given on L.I.F.E. (Leadership Institute for Filipino Evangelists): “One of the missions of AFC Philippines is to provide TRAINING to church workers to accomplish the vision of transformed communities as the Gospel of the Kingdom is proclaimed. As Isaias engaged in teaching with the Alliance Graduate School (AGS) he developed a training manual with a curriculum in place on the subject of Church Growth and Development. The subject is taught to students taking Doctor of Ministry in Pastoral Leadership and Master of Ministry in Pastoral Leadership.  All students enrolled at this AGS center in Cotabato City are working in dangerous Muslim populated areas. Prayers please.”

We thank Dr. Catorce for his work in this ministry and all he and his family does around the world. We pray over him and the ACFI ministry as a whole that God continues to bless them, protect them, and give them guidance as they work for the Kingdom worldwide!

To learn more on what ACFI does around the world, how to get involved, or how to support, please visit the website here. 

Jeff Crawford, class of ’76, Publishes New Book

Rev. Jeff Crawford, MDiv ’76, published a new book entitled “Heart Winds: Find the Way Home.” Jeff describes his journey of seminary life at Asbury, his spiritual walk, finding the love of his life, and growing in his faith. He says, “It became a book of humor, healing, and hope.”

A reader had this to say about Jeff’s book: “This is a wonderful book, I loved it. This page turner is of a heart full memory and the experiences of the life of a clergy in Western New York. Most ministers and clergy keep the congregation at bay concerning their personal lives. Not Jeff Crawford. His humorous nature makes him not only approachable but relatable. His story is , part mine and part of all of us. In growing up he had his struggles and his victories. He has a beautiful way of making all of life light and manageable.”

To read more reviews and purchase Jeff’s book, visit the Amazon website here. 

One Mission Society Summer Update

We received an update from our friends at One Mission Society, Jay and Linda Six. They have been enjoying the summer with family and recently attended a reunion in Michigan with over a hundred people present! They enjoyed this time of fellowship.

They updated us that they will be meeting with missionaries who are working with retirees from many different organizations on August 13 and 14 in Tyrone, Georgia. 

They urged that if anyone would like to receive their updates and prayer letters via email to please email them with your email address request at: lindasix@yahoo.com. To get more information about One Mission Society, please visit the website here.

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