Dr. Jim Miller

Professor of Inductive Biblical Studies and New Testament

Prior to joining Asbury Seminary’s faculty in 2008, Dr. Miller was Dean of Doctoral Programs at Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology (NEGST), where he also taught for four years. Dr. Miller received a Faculty Achievement Award at NEGST in 2006. Before that, he taught for nine years at Daystar University in Nairobi, Kenya. There he served as head of the Department of Bible and Religious Studies. He was an elder and small group shepherd at the Nairobi Chapel.

Dr. Miller is the author of The Obedience of Faith, the Eschatological People of God, and the Purpose of Romans (Society of Biblical Literature) and several published articles. He is currently writing an introductory book on Missional Hermeneutics (WIPF & Stock/Pickwick).

Dr. Miller’s wife, Dr. Ann Miller, is on faculty at the Nicholson School of Communication at the University of Central Florida. The Millers are currently partners at Summit Church in Orlando where they are actively involved in ministry.

The Millers have five children and one daugter-in-law.

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