Current Partners

sbury Seminary has several global partnerships and continues to make more of these crucial connections. Members of our faculty have been teaching abroad for decades, often at the invitation of our countless missionaries and international alumni. We regard these relationships as a unique stewardship as the Holy Spirit uses them to open doors of ministry. Most of our current partnerships are built not only on shared goals but also on deep relational foundations.

West Africa Theological Seminary in Lagos, Nigeria

Partnership Date: May 2011

Asbury’s relationship with WATS has been built over the years through our faculty serving as guest lectures.  Dr. William Udotong, Provost at WATS is a recent Ph.D. graduate of Asbury.  Asbury Seminary faculty continue to visit WATS.  Currently we are developing a plan for sharing digital library and learning resources.

Seoul Theological University in Seoul, Korea

Partnership Date: September 2011

Asbury Seminary’s relationship with STU goes back many decades.  In fact our current partnership agreement is renewal of an earlier agreement.  Asbury Seminary faculty teach and speak regularly at STU.  We have also hosted visiting scholars from STU doing sabbatical research here in the United States. A significant number of our Korean Ph.D. students are graduates of STU.

Evangelical Methodist Seminary-University of Costa Rica in San José, Costa Rica

Partnership Date: December 2011

The Evangelical Methodist Church of Costa Rica has strong connections with Asbury Seminary through its Bishop Luis Fernando Palomo, a graduate of Asbury Seminary and current Trustee.  Asbury Seminary faculty have been closely involved with this new seminary from the very start. Two classes of Asbury Seminary students have participated in a joint study experience, during which they took the first half of the course in the United States then accompanied their professor to Costa Rica to join Costa Rican students for the second half of the course. We anticipate closer connections with this seminary in conjunction with the developing Spanish-language MA at Asbury Seminary’s Florida Dunnam Campus.

Asia Graduate School of Theology in Manila, Philippines

Partnership Date:  April 2012

AGST is a unique consortium of 10 seminaries in and around Manila that have chosen to work in partnership for their advanced degree programs.  They are pioneers in cooperation and collaboration in theological education, and as such have a lot to teach us in this area. Our partnership with AGST is the fruit of significant  relationships built by Dr. Eunice Irwin during her career as a missionary in Manila prior to joining the faculty of the ESJ School.  Asbury Seminary faculty are currently collaborating in the new Ph.D. in Holistic Child Development at AGST. Our current relationship includes provisions for Ph.D. students from AGST to spend a semester at Asbury Seminary so they can make use of our library resources and interact with our doctoral students.  We also anticipate visiting faculty from AGST as part of a faculty exchange.

Luther W. New Jr. Theological College in Dehra Dun, India

Partnership Date:  July 2012

Asbury Seminary’s partnership with NTC was signed on the twenty-fifth anniversary of NTC’s founding. Our president, Timothy Tennent, was there at NTC for the signing, just as he had been there at their first ground-breaking ceremony. He has also taught at NTC every summer for the past twenty-five years. We look forward to developing a student and faculty exchange, as well as exploring ways we can share our digital library and learning resources through this brand new partnership.

One Mission Society (OMS) based in Greenwood, Indiana

Partnership Date: October 2012

This relationship is a renewal and expansion of an earlier agreement. OMS is not a seminary itself, but it has been instrumental in establishing over 30 seminaries around the world.  Theological education has always been one of its top priorities. Asbury Seminary looks forward to working with OMS in developing curriculum for cross-cultural ministry training and support for its staff. We are also developing resources to share throughout its broader network of affiliated seminaries and colleges, particularly through an on-line database focused on theological education in the majority world, as well as facilitating the sharing of best practices and proven strategies.

Manchester Wesley Research Centre

Partnership Date: 2005

The Manchester Wesley Research Centre (MWRC) promotes and supports research on the life and work of John and Charles Wesley, their contemporaries in the 18th century Evangelical Revival, their historical and theological antecedents, their successors in the Wesleyan tradition, and contemporary scholarship in the Wesleyan and Evangelical tradition. This includes areas such as theology, history, biblical studies, education, ethics, literature, mission, philosophy, pastoral studies, practical theology, and social theology.

The MWRC is located on the campus of Nazarene Theological College in the Manchester suburb of Didsbury and is affiliated with the Methodist Archives, housed in The John Rylands Library. These research centers provide magnificent resources for students and researchers in this field.

Africa Gospel Church, Nairobi, Kenya

Partnership Date: November 2015

The Africa Gospel Church Kenya (AGC) is a Wesleyan Holiness denomination that traces its roots back to the work of missionaries from World Gospel Mission in 1932. From its registration with the Kenyan government as an autonomous denomination on August 29, 1961, the church has grown to over 1700 congregations spread in different parts of the country. Over the years, AGC has grown both in rural and urban areas. Currently, it sends missionaries to remote areas and unreached tribes in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and South Sudan.

The church consists of a number of institutions in the country including:

  • Kenya Highlands Evangelical University (KHEU)
  • Tenwek Hospital
  • Tenwek Hospital School of Chaplaincy
  • Tenwek Hospital College of Health Sciences
  • The Africa Gospel Church Baby Centre
  • Kaboson Pastors Training College
  • Olderkesi Ministry Training Institute/li>

Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary

Partnership Date: May 2013

The mission of the Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary (BMTS) is to promote spiritual formation and provide applied higher theological education and in-service training. BMTS was founded in 1994 in Tallinn, Estonia, to serve the United Methodist Church in the Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, and also in the neighboring countries of Russia, Finland, Ukraine and Moldova.

The Mission Society

Partnership Date: November 2015

The Mission Society (TMS) was founded in 1984 to mobilize and deploy the body of Christ globally to join Jesus in His mission, especially among the least-reached peoples. TMS has grown to recruit, train and support more than 200 missionaries in more than 35 nations around the world. Partnerships with local churches provide speakers and resources to aid the growth of local church mission awareness and activity. TMS ministries include agricultural training, evangelism, church planting, discipleship, teaching, leadership development, medical work and many others.

The Overseas Council

Partnership Date: March 2015

The Overseas Council (OC) was founded in 1974 and based on the conviction that God has called men and women to lead churches and other ministries around the world. OC works to train leaders within their own culture, so they can best address the needs facing their churches and communities. Through this investment in church and ministry leaders, God’s Kingdom is revealed continuously, person-by-person, small-group-by-small-group, community-by-community. OC supports 130 seminaries and Bible colleges in 70 countries around the world today.

Knox Fellowship

Partnership Date: October 2015

Knox Fellowship believes that local missions are reduced to service club goodness if disciples of Jesus are not trained to witness to His saving Grace. With this in mind, Knox Fellowship engages in scholarly dialogue regarding the nuances and distinctions in the relationship of evangelism to mission. Through missional engagement and evangelization, Knox Fellowship seeks to invite others to become part of Christ’s earthly community through forgiveness, repentance and faith in Christ.

Nazarene Theological College

Partnership Date: May 2015

Nazarene Theological College (UK) was established in 1944 by the Church of the Nazarene to provide a theological education that is both academically sound and practically relevant. It equips men and women with a sound biblical and theological foundation within the Wesleyan Holiness tradition. Through validation with the University of Manchester, Nazarene Theological College offers undergraduate and post-graduate degrees, as well as two research degrees, including the M.Phil. and Ph.D.

Partnership Date: March 2015

The mission of is to help leaders in the local church become effective ministers of the Gospel by providing them with world-class, Christ-centered, educational resources that will allow learning to take place in community. The goal is to make fully-formed followers of Christ. accomplishes this through three main areas:

  • Foundational lay training
  • Elder development
  • Seminary-level education for ministry preparation

Classes cover a full range of topics, including New and Old Testament survey, hermeneutics, theology, spiritual formation, missions, world religions and new believers.

Methodist School of Theology of Methodist University of Sao Paulo

Partnership Date: November 2015

The purpose of the Methodist School of Theology of Methodist University of Sao Paulo is to educate Methodist students and the larger Methodist community. Their goal is to make them capable of accomplishing God’s mission through the saving work of God in the world. The objective is to strengthen the quality of the Methodist work in the educational sector, as well as improve the services provided, optimize resources and make the processes involving the institutions more flexible.

South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies (SAIACS)

Partnership Date: June 2013

South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies (SAICS) is an institute for post-graduate theological studies and research in Bangalore, India. It has an evangelical ethos and pursues excellence for God’s service. SAICS offers post-graduate programs for master of arts, master of divinity and master of theology degrees, as well as programs for doctor of ministry, doctor of missiology and doctor of philosophy degrees. SAIACS mission is to train Christian leaders to demonstrate Christ-likeness and excellence in academics, ministry and missions by offering biblical and contextually relevant postgraduate degree programs in a caring and egalitarian community.

Langham Partnership USA


The Langham Partnership was founded in 1969 by Dr. John Stott. It seeks to equip churches, pastors and leaders to grow in maturity in Christ’s mission. Langham Partnership has three programs – Langham Literature, Langham Preaching, and Langham Scholars. Asbury particularly collaborates with the Langham Scholars ministry to build intellectual capacity and godly leadership in international academics who will serve evangelical churches in their contexts.