Global Partnerships

Asbury Seminary’s commitment to expanding our global vision is reflected in the variety of partnerships we are forming with other Christian educational institutions around the world. As part of the 2023 Strategic Plan, the Seminary has committed to sustainable bilateral partnerships of mutual learning, encouragement, and collaboration toward common Kingdom goals. Through these relationships we seek not only wider fields of service, but also a deeper awareness of what God is doing globally that will permeate every aspect of Asbury Seminary’s institutional culture.

Who We Are

Almost 100 years ago, Asbury Seminary’s founders envisioned Asbury graduates bringing the whole Bible to the whole world. Today, we’re still preparing leaders to partner with the Spirit’s revitalizing work on every continent through church planting and global theological education.

We strive to be global learners, as well as global teachers. We seek to revitalize the church through degree and certificate programs, global partnerships, study abroad opportunities and participation in international church planting movements.

Our current resources include:

Church Planting— Equips church leaders for planting new churches and re-missioning existing congregations to create disciple-making disciples.

Revitalization Center— Researches and teaches in contemporary Christian revitalization across diverse cultures and ecclesial communities.

E. Stanley Jones School of World Mission and Evangelism—Prepares evangelists, church planters, missionaries, national leaders, pastors, mission leaders, mission teachers, evangelism leaders, evangelism teachers, communicators, executives and scholars for the apostolic mission of the Church.

Beeson Center—Bridges Asbury Seminary to the global Church through leaders who are convinced their worlds call for biblical transformation.

Seedbed—Seedbed resources people, communities, and movements to love the whole world with the whole Gospel.