Faculty Teaching Internationally

As a means of furthering our founding mandate to “spread scriptural holiness throughout the world,” Asbury Seminary established an endowed program, called the Beeson International Travel program, which allows full-time faculty, affiliates, and emeritus/a faculty to travel to a recognized institution or organization for the purpose of serving the global church through teaching.

Mrs. Orlean Bullard Beeson, in her estate gift to the Seminary, established a “Foreign Scholars-in-Residence” program to “defray the costs and expenses of foreign scholars visiting the seminary as advanced students or as teachers and professors upon the invitation of the seminary.” While the original vision was to encourage international scholars to visit the Seminary, the endowment currently facilitates sending faculty outside of the United States as well as receiving faculty and scholars from overseas.

The preferred purpose of the Beeson International Travel grant for Asbury Seminary faculty must be explicitly for teaching a course in a seminary or Bible college that is preparing ministers. This program will assist with Core Value #1 of the Seminary’s 2023 Strategic Plan, as stated below:

Asbury Seminary will be committed to serving the Global Church. We will be ever mindful of the global Church as we develop new programs, utilize technology and innovative delivery systems, understanding global trends, and partner with theological institutions around the world. We will strategically deploy faculty, student, and learning resources on every continent in a collaborative way marked by servant leadership.

Recent BIT Faculty Trips

2022-2023 Academic Year

Country School Partner Institution
England NTC Manchester NTC
Costa Rica Methodist Seminary of Costa Rica SEUM
India Urban India Ministries/PLACE PLACE
India Aizawl Theological College & Missionary Training College
Colombia Biblical Seminary of Colombia FUSBC
Brazil Methodist Church of Brazil FMCLA
Brazil Methodist Seminary of Sao Paulo FATEO
Estonia Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary BMTS
Philippines Church of the Nazarene, Philippines District
England NTC Manchester, & London School of Theology NTC