Global Reach

If there is an emerging hallmark of Dr. Timothy C. Tennent’s leadership at Asbury Seminary, it might be summed up in a single world:  Global. Not global as in grandiose, but global as in “For God so loved the World.”  We are continuously exploring some of the conversations shaping our convictions and inspiring a vision to serve our remarkably global Church.

Join us in some of these conversations.  We are exploring the horizons of the global Church, the growth of the Hispanic population in the U.S. and the post-Christendom Church in the post-Christian west.   The Seminary is training students in a global context.  Learn about our global ministry through partnerships, and see how international faculty members are teaching on our U.S. campuses, and Seminary faculty are also teaching abroad.  And finally, Asbury Seminary is involved in global worship and missions in this rapidly globalizing society.  Join us as we move from the mentality of “the world is in my parish” to the reality of the world “is in” my parish.