Mentor Roles and Responsibilities

What do mentors do?

After a student has asked you to be a mentor, we train mentors to do more than manage work and check off forms. Mentors are trained to be guides and to help put the pieces together while reflecting theologically in a ministry setting. Jesus established a model for mentoring, and we seek to follow that model at Asbury Seminary. It is a pattern that will help shape the lives of others for future ministry. As a trained mentor for Asbury Seminary’s mentored ministry program, you will:

  • Keep accountability with your student.
  • Pray with your student.
  • Reflect theologically upon recent and upcoming experiences.
  • Advise from a Scriptural perspective.
  • Speak honestly out of love.

Mentors do all this through weekly, one-hour sessions with your student, discussing the student’s learning process.

Mentor Requirements

  • A theological education (ministry degree)
  • Five years ministry experience following the completion of that degree
  • Participation in a mentor training session (offered twice each year). Training session videos are also available online.
  • Completion of a Mentor Profile below, submitted to the Mentored Ministry office
  • Completion of the Mentor-Student Covenant, which your student will provide
  • Commitment to help students determine their Growth Goals
  • Completion of the Mentor Evaluation, at the end of the semester (Found at the bottom of this page)

At Asbury Seminary we take mentoring seriously because our future depends on it.  As a Seminary, we can offer large quantities of high-quality content to our students; however, that is not enough if we do not have you working alongside our staff and faculty, helping students put their learning to practical uses.  Since you are performing such a vital role, we will leave nothing to chance.  We offer required training events both on campus and online to get you up to speed with our model, and we help you understand what we are looking for in a mentor.  We are here to serve you and increase your mentoring effectiveness.  We are grateful for your willingness to take on this ministry and leave a ministry legacy imprinted on one of our students.