Best of Estes

This summer we will take a step back in time to share some of the best sermons preached in Estes Chapel over the years. Each week, we will post past sermons on the Asbury Seminary Chapel Facebook page at 6 p.m. ET and create a repository of these sermons here for you to listen to at your convenience. Happy listening!

Date Speaker Sermon Title Podcast
08/24/2021 Dr. Elsworth Kalas Intimate Peril (Oct 1, 1998) Listen
08/17/2021 Dr. Maxie Dunnam The Nature of the Church and Christian Discipleship (Nov 9, 1999) Listen
08/10/2021 Dr. John Oswalt Holiness, what is it? (Sep 29, 2009) Listen
08/03/2021 Dr. Steve Seamands It Always Begins with Prayer (Feb 13, 2019) Listen
07/27/2021 Dr. Ben Witherington Transfixed, a Vision of Paradise Regained (Jan 28, 2004) Listen
07/20/2021 Rev. Fleming Rutledge Beeson Lecture Series (Feb 26, 2008) Listen
07/13/2021 Dr. Bob Stamps Come Expecting Jesus (Sep 7, 2011) Listen
07/06/2021 Karen Thomas Living for an Audience of One (Nov 13, 2001) Listen
06/29/2021 Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa Preacher to the Papal Household (Feb 20, 2007) Listen
06/22/2021 Dr. Sandra Richter A New Thing (March 21, 2002) Listen
06/15/2021 Dr. Timothy Tennent The Three Mile-Per-Hour God (Feb 7, 2012) Listen
06/08/2021 Dr. Joe Dongell On Filling Jars with Water (Nov 9, 2011) Listen
06/02/2021 Dr. Ellsworth Kalas: I’d Rather Be Wrong (Delivered on Oct 7, 2008) Listen