Best of Estes

Take a step back in time to watch or listen to some of the best sermons preached in Estes Chapel over the years!

Date Posted Speaker Sermon Title Podcast
08/24/2021 Dr. Ellsworth Kalas Intimate Peril (Oct 1, 1998) Listen
08/17/2021 Dr. Maxie Dunnam The Nature of the Church and Christian Discipleship (Nov 9, 1999) Listen
08/10/2021 Dr. John Oswalt Holiness, what is it? (Sep 29, 2009) Listen
08/03/2021 Dr. Steve Seamands It Always Begins with Prayer (Feb 13, 2019) Listen
07/27/2021 Dr. Ben Witherington Transfixed, a Vision of Paradise Regained (Jan 28, 2004) Listen
07/20/2021 Rev. Fleming Rutledge Beeson Lecture Series (Feb 26, 2008) Listen
07/13/2021 Dr. Bob Stamps Come Expecting Jesus (Sep 7, 2011) Listen
07/06/2021 Karen Thomas Living for an Audience of One (Nov 13, 2001) Listen
06/29/2021 Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa Preacher to the Papal Household (Feb 20, 2007) Listen
06/22/2021 Dr. Sandra Richter A New Thing (March 21, 2002) Listen
06/15/2021 Dr. Timothy Tennent The Three Mile-Per-Hour God (Feb 7, 2012) Listen
06/08/2021 Dr. Joe Dongell On Filling Jars with Water (Nov 9, 2011) Listen
06/02/2021 Dr. Ellsworth Kalas: I’d Rather Be Wrong (Delivered on Oct 7, 2008) Listen