Preaching and Leading: Shaping Prophetic Communities (Bilingual)

Bilingual Cohort – Predicación y Liderazgo: Formando Una Comunidad Profética

Florida Dunnam Campus

This bilingual cohort prepares Latino/Latina leaders for ministry in their context. The faculty members and guest lecturers are predominantly bilingual and have significant life and ministry experience in Hispanic communities. The classroom dynamic allows for dialogue in Spanish and/or English. Texts will be chosen based on their availability in Spanish and English. Some of the written work may be done in Spanish, but the dissertation and other key assignments will be written in English.

The measure of a leader (quienes dirigen o lideran) is not rank, title or fame, but the quality of community the leader has cultivated.  For Christian ministry communities, such as congregations and ministry organizations, their leaders need growing expertise in the practices that shape communities to be vibrant in Christian witness and discipleship. This cohort invites career ministry leaders to deepen three primary skill sets:  spiritual formation, biblical preaching and missional leadership (liderazgo misional contextual).  In this conversation, participants will focus on deepening their spirituality and that of those they serve, expanding their capacity as preachers, and sharpening their organizational intelligence to better mobilize their communities toward witness within and beyond the walls of the church or institutions.

Participants in this cohort will:

  • Revisit ministry foundations in spiritual formation, preaching and leadership to and with Latino/Latina communities.
  • Examine the intersection between the leader’s formation (internal) and the leader’s ministry expressions of leadership and preaching (external), especially the ways in which these inform the shaping of ministry communities.
  • Receive practical, contextual, faculty-mentor, peer and community feedback on preaching and leadership practices in ministry throughout the program.
  • Produce a Ministry Transformation Transformation Project (dissertation).

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Gonzalez_JustoDr. Justo Gonzalez was born in Habana, Cuba and has been ordained in the Methodist Church since 1964. For thirty years he taught in a variety of theological institutions that include the Evangelical Seminary of Puerto Rico, Candler School of Theology at Emory University, Interdenominational Theological Center and Columbia Theological Seminary. He has written more than one hundred books, but he is best known for his two-volume The Story of Christianity and his three-volume A History of Christian Thought, which have been translated into eight languages. Besides his passion for connecting theology with the life of the church through publications, his most cherished and valued activity is the mentoring and encouraging of Hispanics and other minority scholars.

Bishop_PalomoBishop Dr. Luis F. Palomo serves as Bishop of the Methodist Church of Costa Rica. He is also founder, teacher and President of the Methodist Seminary in Costa Rica. Through its 25-year history and the leadership of Dr. Palomo, the Methodist Seminary has produced a radical transformation in the Church leadership and supported the growth of the Methodist Church in Costa Rica from 30 to 120 congregations. He is a member of the World Methodist Council on Evangelism for the region of Central America and the Caribbean and has participated in numerous events around the world.

david-ramirez150Dr. David E. Ramirez, a citizen of Chile, South America, serves as the Church of God World Missions Director for Latin America. Since 2006, he has been a member of the Church of God International Executive Council and has collaborated on several boards within and outside the denomination. He also serves on the steering committee of the 4/14 Window Movement and on the Strategy Working Group for the Lausanne Movement. He is an international speaker, writer and professor on Christian Global Leadership, Narrative Preaching, Church Planting, and Practical Theology.

Perez_ZaidaDr. Zaida Maldonado Pérez is Professor of Church History and Theology at Asbury Theological Seminary’s Florida Dunnam campus, where she has taught since 2002. Prior to joining the Asbury Seminary faculty, she taught at the Evangelical Seminary of Puerto Rico and was Director of the Hispanic Theological Initiative, a program of the Pew Charitable Trusts housed at Princeton Theological Seminary.  She also served as dean of the School of Urban Ministries of Asbury Seminary. Her ministry experience includes preaching and teaching in Spanish and English-speaking church and seminary communities.

Santiago-Vendrell_AngelDr. Angel Santiago Vendrell is Assistant Professor of Evangelism at Asbury Theological Seminary. Before serving the United Methodist Church as a local pastor for three years in the New England Conference, Santiago-Vendrell was an evangelist and assistant pastor of Iglesia de Dios Pentecostal in Caguas, Puerto Rico for nine years. He is also the founder of LUPUMF, an after school program for underprivileged kids in Lynn, MA.


Russell_BrianDr. Brian D. Russell is Professor of Biblical Studies and Dean of the School of Urban Ministries. He has taught at the Seminary since 2000 and is the recipient of the 2004-2005 Award for Teaching and Learning. Brian is an expert on the missional interpretation of Scripture and creating a missional ethos in communities of faith. He is the author several books, including The Song of the Sea: The Date of Composition and Influence of Exodus 15:1-21 (Peter Lang, 2007) as well as many articles and reviews.

Gober_SteveDr. Steve Gober is Vice President for the Florida Dunnam campus and teaches in the area of Spiritual Formation. He has served with Asbury Seminary since May 2010. Before joining the Seminary team, Steve and his wife Karoline ministered for seventeen years as missionaries with the Methodist Church of Costa Rica. Steve worked primarily with the Methodist Seminary as a professor, administrator, and, during the last eight years of his tenure, as President of the Seminary. Steve is committed to promoting spiritual transformation and renewal in the life of the church.  He enjoys connecting Asbury Seminary faculty and students as well as church leaders and laity to God’s Global Mission.