Admitted Master of Theology Students

Congratulations, you are on your way to taking the next step in your journey of faith in becoming a student at Asbury Seminary! So what are your next steps? Entering a time of transition can be difficult, but planning ahead can help ease the stress of moving, registering and studying. We are already planning and praying for your arrival, and we invite you to do so as well. You can think of your next steps in terms of connecting, committing, and coming to Asbury Seminary.

Connecting to Asbury Seminary

Your oneATS Account

In the application process, you were invited to set up a personal online account, known as your oneATS account. If you have not yet done so, you will want to register for an account as a first step towards becoming a student.  Through your account, you will be able to access your Asbury Seminary email (see below), as well as the Asbury Information System (AIS). AIS gives you access to your personal account information, through which you will be able to register for classes, pay your bills online, and view your grades.

You can register for a oneATS account by following these instructions:

  • Go to
  • Click on “register for an account”
  • Enter your ID number and your email address
  • Your oneATS username will be created
  • Set your oneATS password
  • Add to the oneATS account to your favorites menu
  • Be sure to remember your oneATS username and password.

If you experience difficulty in setting up your account, please contact Information Commons by emailing or by calling either 800.2ASBURY or 859.858.2233.

Asbury Seminary Email

Your Asbury Seminary email address will be created as soon as you are admitted. You can access your email through your oneATS account (see above). You will want to check this email regularly, since we will use it to send all official Seminary communications.

An overview of email functions can be found under the email “help” section.  If you have difficulty, please contact Information Commons by emailing or by calling either 866.454.2733 or 859.858.2233.

Financial Aid

Funding your education by implementing wise stewardship principles will be an important part of your educational experience. While scholarships for students in the Advanced Research Programs are typically awarded only to Doctor of Philosophy students, a number of other forms of financial aid may be available to Th.M. students. The Financial Aid office can assist you in determining the types of aid for which you qualify, and they can also help you get started with the application process. You can reach them by email at

Housing at Asbury Seminary

The Th.M. program is a full-time and residential program on our Kentucky Campus. Thus, students are eligible to apply for on-campus housing. More information and housing applications can be found on our website (link). Once you have been admitted, you can submit your application.

Committing to Asbury Seminary

Confirm Your Admission

Let us know that you intend to come by submitting a matriculation deposit to your student account. This $100 non-refundable deposit will not only confirm your status as a student, but it will also go toward your first semester’s tuition. This will allow us to send your file to the Registrar’s Office so they can create your student program enrollment, a necessary step in the process of registering for classes.

You can submit your deposit by mailing a check or money order, or you can pay by credit card either through your oneATS account or by calling the Business Office at 859.858.2286.

Student Health Insurance

It is the expectation of Asbury Theological Seminary that all students who are enrolled at half-time status or greater will have, and keep active at all times while a student at the Seminary, adequate health insurance. 
In accordance with the spirit of federal guidelines for certain Visa types, all students enrolled at Asbury Theological Seminary with citizenship other than the United States (referred to hereafter as an “international student”) are required to have health insurance coverage for themselves as well as all non-U.S. citizen dependents residing with them. All international students must provide a physical copy of their insurance plan’s certificate of benefits to the Office of Student Services no later than the add/drop deadline each semester. International students’ insurance must include coverage for medical evacuation and repatriation of remains. Insurance coverage must be in effect on the day of arrival in the United States and remain in effect for the entire time the student remains enrolled at Asbury Theological Seminary. Further details about the specific level of coverage required are available from the International Student Services Manager.

Coming to Asbury Seminary

Moving Into On-Campus Housing

If you have applied to on-campus housing on our Kentucky Campus (see above) and housing has been assigned, the Office of Student Services will send you information regarding your move in date.


Every first-year Th.M. student is assigned a mentor by the Office of Advanced Research Programs. During orientation, you will be informed regarding your assigned mentor. Registration for the first semester of courses will occur at orientation. You will not be able to enroll into courses before orientation.

New Student Orientation

Whether you live on campus or off, whether you are full-time or part-time, start your Asbury Seminary experience by joining us for two days of information and community at New Student Orientation (NSO) on either the Kentucky or Florida Dunnam Campus! At orientation, you will have a chance to connect with other students, as well as some faculty and staff who will be teaching courses and helping you navigate your time at Asbury Seminary. On your campus tour, you will learn how to collect and send mail at the Seminary Post Office (SPO), check out books at the library, find your classes, and (most-importantly) where to go for lunch and dinner! During Th.M.-specific sessions, you will gain understanding in the basic components and process of your program, and you will register for courses.

More information about the next NSO can be found on our website (link). To register, please email and let us know if you are bringing a spouse and/or children.

Enrolling Your Children in Area Schools

For more information about area schools for children, we suggest referring to the resources for your local municipalities: