The Asbury Project


Not just another conference, The Asbury Project is an experience designed to inspire you to make an impact in the world! Join us for two days of impactful dialogue and interaction with national and international speakers, local social entrepreneurs, business and community leaders, and pastors who will share innovative approaches in business as mission, community transformation, and how to transform your ordinary day’s work into an extraordinary calling. 


Prepare to innovate by learning how to use your talents and skills in creative ways to positively impact your workplace, local church, business, and community. At The Asbury Project, you will hear how individuals moved from an “idea” to a business start-up, as well as others who are leading positive change by exploring in their communities through the vehicle of business. 


Want to be a world changer? Begin with purpose in mind. At The Asbury Project, you will hear how others have transformed their ordinary day’s work into an extraordinary calling. Your business can be your mission and profit can be used for Kingdom purposes to make a social impact and contribute to the common good. ROI is not just a financial term; learn how investing in people can produce a return of helping individuals and communities to flourish.  

The Student Business Plan Competition

The Student Business Plan Competition allows students to introduce a business plan that solves a social problem, makes a profit, and inspires innovative transformation in the world. Student entrants will have opportunities to be mentored by Asbury Seminary/Asbury University faculty and local business professionals before making their business pitches to a live audience. The competition awards a total of $10,000 in prizes for students to use to launch their businesses.

Event Dates and Registration Info

  • Kentucky 2017 Event November 9th- 10th