The Asbury Marketplace Summit

In partnership with Asbury University, the Asbury Marketplace Summit (formerly the Asbury Project) is an annual event that provides a forum for the promotion of social entrepreneurship, particularly, through the Student Business Competition. This strategic project helps students and pastors understand how business can be a positive force in society, even helping to address social ills. This will then help future pastors and Christian leaders to think entrepreneurially and connect with business people in their churches and communities. As social entrepreneurships are launched following the Asbury Project, we anticipate a growing constituency of pastors and business leaders, as well as students.

The Student Business Plan Competition

The Student Business Plan Competition allows students to introduce a business plan that solves a social problem, makes a profit, and inspires innovative transformation in the world. Student entrants will have opportunities to be mentored by Asbury Seminary/Asbury University faculty and local business professionals before making their business pitches to a live audience. The competition awards a total of $10,000 in startup funds for students to use to launch their businesses.