Prayer Ministry

Asbury Seminary Chapel is a place where you are invited to come and encounter God through word and table, musical worship, and prayer. Prayer is a vital spiritual discipline and an imperative practice of the Christian life.

“Of all spiritual disciplines prayer is the most central
because it ushers us into perpetual communion with the Father.”

– Richard Foster, Celebration of Discipline

Morning and Evening Prayer

Morning and Evening Anglican Prayer

In Spring 2023, through partnership with the Wilmore Anglican Church, the Anglican Studies and Formation program sponsors Morning Prayer, Monday – Friday at 7:15 a.m, and Evening Prayer, Monday – Thurs. at 5:15 p.m. We pray out of the 2019 Anglican Book of Common Prayer. All prayer services are at The Sanctuary in downtown Wilmore (330 E. Main Street). We will confess our sin, praise God, read Scripture, and pray for ourselves and others.

Anglican Weekly Eucharist

The Anglican Studies and Formation program sponsors a Eucharist service on Wednesdays at 3:00pm in the Richard Allen Chapel during the fall and spring semesters. This is a forty-five minute service using  the Standard Anglican or Renewed-Ancient liturgy. We believe in the Real Presence of Jesus in Holy Communion, or as John Wesley said, the “grand channel” of God’s grace to us. We desire to live into our sacramental, catholic, and ancient-future theology. The celebrant typically allows for time after the service for questions and answers about the Eucharist and all things Anglican.

Prayer Chapels

Each building on the Wilmore Campus includes a prayer chapel open and available for use during the hours that the seminary is open. Students are encouraged to use these chapels for personal prayer and reflection. Each chapel has its own design and feel.

Estes Chapel

Construction of Estes began in l952 after Asbury received a large gift from the Estes family. Estes Chapel is the central place of worship at Asbury Seminary. Chapel services, convocations, healing prayer events and seasonal services are held regularly. Estes is also a popular wedding location with its long center aisle. Walk up the aisle and kneel at the altar and experience a moment of prayer in this holy space.

Haskins-Luce Prayer Chapel

Located immediately beside Estes, down the long adjacent hall, the Luce Chapel is reminiscent of gospel churches across America. Before every public service in Estes, a prayer meeting is held in Luce.

Small covenant services and spiritual conversations also find a welcome in Luce Chapel. Sit for a few minutes and let your mind remember an old hymn or a memory of a time when God met you in an old church.

Giorgianni Prayer Closet

Across from the Global Alumni Center, this prayer closet is an intensely personal prayer chapel, usually used for solitude and personal prayer. Step inside and close the door to experience the deep sense of peace in this space.

Stanger Prayer Chapel

Across from the gymnasium and fitness loft, another quiet space awaits a visitor. Most often used as a healing prayer chapel, the art on the walls represents the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. Designed for a small group engaged in prayer, Stanger Prayer Chapel has been host to deep soul moments. Pause to meditate on the art and consider the gifts of the Holy Spirit in your own life.

Richard Allen Chapel

Located on the first floor of the Beeson Center, this space is highly liturgical and represents a distinct stream of spiritual practice. The Richard Allen Chapel is a beautifully crafted space that serves many worship gatherings. Stand in the middle of the room and speak a few words to hear the excellent acoustic structure of the ceiling.

Kalas Preaching Chapel

Kalas Preaching Chapel is well named for a beloved professor and former Seminary President who has mentored many students in the art of Biblical preaching. The space is ideal as a laboratory for preaching experience and is located on the second floor of the Beeson Center.

McKenna Chapel

McKenna is a large chapel that houses a magnificent pipe organ. McKenna is often used for teaching, workshops, conferences, or other special events because of the stadium seating and stage lighting. Chapel services are sometimes moved to McKenna Chapel as well.

Shabbat Shalom Chapel

The Shabbat Shalom Room of Peace is situated off a busy hallway on the ground floor of the McPheeters building and is designed to create soul-deep quiet in the midst of life. Many students stop by on their way to the Counseling or Intercultural Studies departments to orient themselves to the Spirit of God before taking up their books. If you have time, pause and read the ‘litany of a person’ scripted on the banner in the hallway. Prayer connects us with our true humanity in the presence of God.

Fletcher Chapel

Fletcher Chapel is uniquely designed for the celebration of Eucharist. Take note of the table in the middle of the room. Although this chapel is sometimes used as a classroom for studies in Spiritual Formation, the room serves best as a sacred space for a communal practice of feasting at the Lord’s table. Eucharistic services are held at noon. All are welcome.

Prayer Garden

Outside the Fletcher Chapel is a small prayer garden built in memory of Lanny Carroll Spears II (late son of retired staff member Lanny Spears). Notice the small labyrinth painted on the ground. If you are unfamiliar with the labyrinth as a spiritual symbol, read the short explanation of a labyrinth on the door leading out to the garden.

Wednesday Prayer

During Communion on Wednesdays, trained prayer ministers are available to pray for you. Whether you’d like specific prayer for healing, or simply someone to intercede with you for a prayer request, members of this team will come alongside you in seeking the Lord.