Monthly Fitness Challenges

February 2022

“Love Thy Neighbor” Challenge (2/14-2/24)

–Challenge: 8 partner-formatted workouts have been designed for teams of two to complete together. The teams can switch each time or remain the same for all eight workouts. Each workout completed earns an entry into the raffle. Entries are submitted per team- not individually.

-Grand Prize: (2) x $100 cash

-Let us know what which workouts you & your partner completed by emailing us at You have until 11:59pm on February 24th to submit your entries!

February Fitness Challenge Workouts

March 2022

March Madness Fitness Challenge (3/4-3/31)

–Challenge: Each week participants will be asked to complete a certain number of cumulative reps, or distance, throughout the week in order to be entered into a raffle drawing. The challenge weeks are as follows:

Week 1: 500 wall balls (men= 14lb ball, women= 10lb ball)

Week 2: row the total distance of a half-marathon on the water rower (=21,100 meters)

Week 3: 500 pushups

Week 4: run/walk the total distance of a half-marathon

-Grand Prize: (4) x $50 cash

-Email your weekly completions to You have until 11:59pm on March 31st to get them turned in!

April 2022

Wesley Waddle 10k5k (4/30)

-Challenge: sign up to run, walk or waddle with us on April 30th for our 6th Annual Wesley Waddle 10k5k!

-Grand prize: (4) x $100 cash to the top male & female runner for each race