Monthly Fitness Challenges

This semester we are awarding TWO WINNERS for each monthly challenge! One winner will be drawn from our student/spouse population and one from our faculty/staff population (where applicable). BEST OF LUCK to everyone!!!

February 2023

Spring into Fitness Challenge (2/13-2/24)

Complete any (or ALL) of the workout challenges designed by the fitness team. Each completed workout receives ONE entry into the prize drawing. Modify all workouts as needed to adapt to your fitness level.


March 2023

Seminary Strong Decathlon (3/17)

-Challenge: 10 guys & 10 gals. 10 events. Every event must end with 1-10 places. If there are ties anywhere in the lineup they must be played out. If it is a 5-5 tie, then whatever the activity in question is shall be redone. At the end of the day, the results will be tallied and everyone will be placed 1-10 overall. The best possible score for the day is 100 (1st in every event) and the worst is 10 (10th in every event). 

-Events: 1 min Echo bike for max kcals, pacer test, bench press- max reps in 1 min (men: 50% of weight / women: 25% of weight), basketball challenge (half court, layup, free throw, 3 pt shot, half court)- max points scored in 2 min, dead hang, medicine ball toss, pickleball tournament, row 500m for time, max deadlifts in 1 min (50% of weight), plank hold

GRAND PRIZE: awarded to top 3 males & females

1st place: $100 CASH & Seminary Strong t-shirt 

2nd: $50 CASH 

3rd: $25 CASH

April 2023

7th Annual Wesley Waddle 10k5k (4/22 @ 8am)

GRAND PRIZE: $100 CASH awarded to the top male & female runner for each race