Monthly Fitness Challenges

This semester we are awarding TWO WINNERS for each monthly challenge! One winner will be drawn from our student/spouse population and one from our faculty/staff population. BEST OF LUCK to everyone!!!

September 2022

Fall Back into Fitness Challenge (9/12-9/30)

Attend 3 Group Fitness classes this month & be entered into a drawing for a FREE PAIR of RUNNING SHOES (up to $75 value)!!

Asbury Global participants, feel free to attend group classes at your local gym, or try one of the online options listed below. Email to let us know you did it!

Online class suggestions:

20min Beginner Full Body

30min Full Body Fat Burn HIIT

30min Full Body Stretch

20min Total Core Workout

October 2022

Octoberfit Challenge (10/1-10/30)

Complete (in the presence of a Fitness Team member- in person or via Zoom) a 3 min wall sit and/or a 2 min plank. You will receive ONE entry into the drawing for EACH exercise successfully completed.


3min WALL SIT: must be at a 90 degree angle (or deeper) at all times (you will be disqualified if you come up higher than 90 degrees to adjust), hands are to be freely dangling by your side or with fingers laced on top of your head (not resting on your legs or against the wall in any way), only thing allowed to touch the ground is your feet (anything else disqualifies you).

2min PLANK: must be performed on your toes, you can choose either hands or elbows (but must stay in whichever position you first choose the entire time- no switching), ears-shoulders-hips to remain in alignment (no arching or hunching), shoulders aligned over elbows, wrists aligned in front of shoulders (forearms not turned in, hands not to grasp one another), feet should be shoulder-width apart.

Email our team at when you are ready to attempt the challenge!

November 2022

Turkey Trot Challenge (11/1 – 11/18 @ 8am)

Log a cumulative total of 13.1 miles “trotting” (i.e. jogging/walking) to qualify for the “half prize,” or 26.2 miles to qualify for the “full prize.” Participants must show a picture of a treadmill reading or phone app tracker to verify miles completed. Either stop by the front desk of the Student Center or email a screenshot to You may track enough miles to be entered into each drawing ONCE.


Full prize: FREE TURKEY + $100 KROGER CARD

You have until 8am on November 18th to submit your mileage to us!

December 2022

Reindeer Challenge (12/1 – 12/14)

Complete any (or ALL) of the workout challenges named after each reindeer. Each completed workout receives ONE entry into the prize drawing. Receive TWO entries for completing the Grinch workout (aka “The Murph”).

Grand Prize: BICYCLE (up to $200 value)!!