Office of Faith, Work and Economics

Christian Values in the Workplace

During the month of March, I had a series of meetings with my OFWE business mentor to discuss a material about Biblical Entrepreneurship. Yanet provided this material, and so far we have studied three chapters.  The first chapter is called “Introducing Biblical Entrepreneurship,” the second “Biblical Entrepreneurship Attitude” and the third “Biblical Entrepreneurship Characteristics .”… Read More »

Time to Plant

Spring is here, and it is time to work – planting potatoes and corn. It is time to start plowing. Some people like to clear new grounds by cutting brushes and weeds before they start to plow. They cut and pile the brush before they can start to work. They spend hours doing this. When… Read More »

Healthy Food Does A Body Good

Last week, Milton Craft and I met with Dr. Scott Morris, a medical doctor, who is the Founder & Director of the Church Health Center. Dr. Morris gave us a tour of the new location of the Church Health Center in the old Sears Crosstown building which is now a multiplex hub for local companies,… Read More »

The Foundry: The Power of Being Shaped and Invested in by Others

It wasn’t too long ago (well, about seven years now) that I was sitting in my parent’s living room after coming home from college for summer break. Once again I had to find a job to build some income for the upcoming school year, plus it was a requirement to work in the O’Neal household.… Read More »

Jesus and Loan Forgiveness-Pre-liminary Research Findings

I had previously neglected in my research to carefully investigate the Aramaic language that potentially lies behind the Greek of Matt 6:12, in particular, the Aramaic word for debt that may have come from the lips of Jesus.  I have found that the Aramaic word for “debt” can refer to both money and sin, which… Read More »

INfluence Summer Internship

This summer, I have been invited to join the INfluence Internship Program in Selma, AL. As an initiative of Blue Jean Selma church, INfluence works with companies in Dallas County. I was given an opportunity to learn little bit of everything at several different locations such as Blue Jean Church, Arsenal Place, and Hope Academy.… Read More »

A Summer in Selma

Summer in Selma have been super fun and challenging! We are coming into our last week working with the kids and programs and it will be sad to leave but I’m excited to come back to Wilmore! Highlight: This summer I was privilege to work within a community of people who live life entirely different… Read More »

Planting and Harvesting

Planting and harvesting  at the community garden has been an awesome experience for me this summer. I have never really done anything close to this-my attempts at gardening was almost 20 years ago and it was nothing to write home about. But here we were blessed with the generosity of brethren, with the possibility of… Read More »

Reflections from a Small Business Incubator Owner

I just want to briefly share the story of my small business with you. Well, honestly it was not my intention to start this small business (SB). I believe that God gave me this opportunity to learn something important from the SB. Practically I am learning many things, working hard in the field and selling… Read More »


At this point in the semester, I feel like I have gained so much from my internship. Recently, I had one conversation with my placement supervisor that has been very enlightening.  I had noticed that a sort of mission statement, which is on the wall, didn’t really match up with what we’re doing.  It talks… Read More »