Asbury Seminary announces the hiring of Dr. Janet Dean as Professor of Pastoral Counseling Education and Dr. Christine Johnson as Assistant Professor of Historical Theology and Wesleyan Studies on the Kentucky campus.

Dr. Janet Dean will serve as the Professor of Pastoral Counseling Education at the Seminary. Dr. Dean is an Elder in the Church of the Nazarene and has worked as an Affiliate Faculty Member at Asbury Seminary since 2002 and Professor of Psychology at Asbury University since 2008. Dr. Dean has published widely. Her recent publications include Listening to Sexual Minorities: A Study of Faith and Sexual Identity on Christian College Campuses that she co-authored with Dr. Mark Yarhouse, Dr. Steve Stratton, and Dr. Michael Lastoria. Dr. Dean comes to us as a veteran, accomplished scholar, teacher, mentor, and colleague.

“I am so glad that Dr. Janet Dean will be joining the faculty of Asbury Theological Seminary as we continue to strengthen our counseling program in anticipation of the launch of our new School of Counseling in July 2022.  She brings a remarkable breadth of experience, clinically and pastorally, to us” said Dr. Tennent, President of Asbury Seminary.

Dr. Christine Johnson has been teaching as an Affiliate Faculty member within the School of Theology and Formation since 2014 and is a recipient of the prestigious John Wesley Fellowship. She earned her Ph.D. from the University of Manchester, UK in 2014 after completing her Master of Divinity from Asbury Seminary in 2008. While at Asbury Seminary, she has been serving in academic leadership since 2014, first as Registrar and currently as the Associate Provost of Academic Affairs. Dr. Johnson is an expert in Wesleyan Studies and is highly sought after as a teacher and mentor to students.

“I am delighted that such a fine Wesley scholar as Dr. Chris Johnson will be joining our faculty in the School of Theology and Formation.” Dr. Tennent said, “She has faithfully served this institution in a wide range of capacities for fifteen years and it is a joy to receive her into full faculty status.”

“Drs. Dean and Johnson will contribute abundantly to our Wesleyan theological training,” Dr. Gregg A. Okesson, Provost of Asbury Seminary, said. “They also bring a wealth of other gifts and graces that will bless our community for many years to come. We are honored to welcome them into our faculty.”

Join us in welcoming these outstanding new faculty members to the Seminary community!