Dr. A. Sue Russell, Professor of Mission and Contextual Studies, and Médine Keener, Pastoral Care Coordinator, released Transformed by Love in April 2017. The book, which can be read individually or as a group study, helps men and women deal with identity issues, brokenness and other traumatic situations.

“The primary goal was to write the Gospel stories in a fresh way to highlight how Jesus loved and accepted people ‘where they were at’ and through His love restored them into relationship with God and with others,” Dr. Russell said.

Transformed by Love explores a specific wound a woman in the Bible experienced, such as shame, abuse, rejection or loss, until they experienced the healing power of a relationship with Jesus. The authors tie these experiences to those of women in the modern world. The authors hope that this book becomes a catalyst and a safe place to talk about hidden wounds.

The questions in the back of the book provide talking points to express the hurts of deep wounds and experience Jesus’ healing power. Dr. Russell believes the book is especially relevant in light of recent news, such as the #MeToo campaign, in which women banded together against sexual harassment they’ve experienced.

“The book is an invitation for people to talk about their experiences and find Jesus’ healing,” Dr. Russell says.

The book is available on amazon.com. For every book purchased on Amazon, the authors gift one to women in need.