Dr. Michael Peterson, Professor of Philosophy of Religion, releases C.S. Lewis and the Christian Worldview on February 13. In this Oxford University Press book, Dr. Peterson helps us understand Lewis’ Christian worldview, including his famous arguments for God based on reason, morality and transcendent desire, as well as his ideas about Incarnation, Trinity and Atonement.

“I wrote the book because there was no treatment of how Lewis develops a comprehensive Christian worldview that is intellectually competitive, answering life’s great questions more adequately than other worldviews,” Dr. Peterson said. “His own long search—from atheist to idealist to Christian—also allows Lewis to present Christian truth as pointing to a way of life that is more fulfilling than any other view has to offer.”

The book is designed to show how Lewis articulated an understanding of reality, knowledge, and human nature informed by Christian orthodoxy. This intellectual basis allows him to engage difficult issues that believers and nonbelievers alike struggle with—such as the problem of evil and suffering, the problem of religious diversity, the problem of meaning, the problem of providence, and may more.This book is written for scholars and the general reader, and is available on Amazon or wherever books are sold.