On July 17, 2023, during President Timothy C. Tennent’s visit to Australia, Asbury Seminary signed a partnership agreement with Logos Academy of Ministry and Mission (LAMM) in Malvern East, Victoria. Per the agreement, Asbury Seminary and LAMM will collaborate to provide theological training to both clergy and lay members of local churches. This training will occur through the Certificate in Theology and Spiritual Formation, a 5-module certificate offered by the Center for Formational and Missional Training  at Asbury Seminary. 

LAMM, whose vision is to equip God’s people for ministry and mission, offers four accredited programs at six teaching centers throughout Australia. LAMM is an initiative of the Chinese Methodist Church of Australia (CMCA), which began as a Missional Conference planted by the Methodist Church of Malaysia. This movement is predominantly made of migrants from Southeast Asia who moved to Australia over the past 40 years. A strong and vibrant second-generation group is emerging who now look to Asbury Seminary to assist in providing theological training for its English-speaking congregants.

Dr. Timothy C. Tennent, President of Asbury Theological Seminary, signed the MOU along with Reverend Albert Wong, Principal of LAMM and past Bishop of the CMCA. Those at the meeting also included Bishop Milton Nee, new Bishop of the CMCA, and Robin Lim, alumnus of Asbury Seminary.

“I am thrilled and honored to sign this partnership agreement with the Logos Academy of Ministry and Mission while in Australia,” says Dr. Tennent. “It is a privilege to witness the great commission taking place through the mission of Asbury Seminary to spread scriptural holiness throughout the world. We have  taken another step toward our goal to partner with other ministries to equip their leadership with high quality training.”

With this new partnership, LAMM will provide learners and coordinators for the Certificate in Theology and Spiritual Formation; invitations to the public for certificate training and education; hosting for visiting professors; and meeting spaces. LAMM and Asbury Seminary will explore future possibilities for mentored ministry and cultural immersion in Australia for Asbury Seminary students and faculty as well as for visiting international scholars from LAMM.