The United Methodist Publishing House awarded Rev. Jessica LaGrone, Dean of Chapel at Asbury Seminary, the James W. Moore Award for Inspirational Writing. Jessica receives this award for her book The Rewritten Life: When God Changes Your Story, published by Abingdon Press this year. The $2500 award honors longtime Abingdon Press author James W. Moore.

“I’m thrilled that The Rewritten Life is being honored in the legacy of Dr. Jim Moore,” Jessica said. “Dr. Moore has been an inspiration for years in his gifts of pastoring, preaching, and writing incredible messages of hope and truth for God’s people. I met him for the first time when I was a young pastor visiting his church, and he introduced himself with such humility and genuine kindness that I have never forgotten it.”

The Rewritten Life: When God Changes Your Story introduces readers to a few biblical characters who received new names, identities and stories after experiencing the transformational power of God. In this book, you’ll explore the lives of Abraham and Sarah, Jacob, Naomi, Daniel, Peter and an unnamed woman. Jessica connects these stories with our own lives to depict the ways God wants to rewrite our stories for His glory. The Rewritten Life is designed as a six-week small group study and is available on

“My hope for The Rewritten Life is that people will read it and see that God is part of their story,” Jessica said. “Our stories are full of twists and turns, and when it seems there is a dead end, God often has a plot twist up his sleeve. God is not only the author, but the editor of our faith, and I am grateful to know He is still at work.”

The James W. Moore Award for Inspirational Writing recognizes authors that reach deep into the spiritual and emotional center of people’s lives; demonstrate the challenge, the hope, and the consolation, and the Good News of scripture; offer a sense of purpose, confidence, and comfort to the reader in an engaging and appealing style.