Asbury Theological Seminary unequivocally condemns the assault Wednesday on our nation’s Capitol. It was not merely an assault on one of the most cherished buildings in our democracy, but it was an attempted insurrection against the democratic values which embrace a peaceful transfer of power. We lament not only this event, but all of the forces which gave rise to it.  The Word of God, as well as our Wesleyan heritage, reminds us that we cannot separate personal piety from public life.  We affirm that words matter. Public actions matter. Truth matters.  Integrity matters.  These are just some of the most basic building blocks of any healthy society, yet all of these have been eroded in recent years.  We call our community to a season of lament and united prayer for our beloved country. We call for the end of violence and the forces of de-humanization that have silenced the healthy voice of public discourse in our country.  Now is the time for the Church to pray more earnestly, live with integrity, and sow for a new Great Awakening with greater fervency.