PLEASE NOTE: A comprehensive, up-to-date list of all Asbury Seminary actions regarding COVID-19 can be found here and should be checked regularly, as that page is the authoritative list.

Asbury Theological Seminary and its Coronavirus Response Team (CRT) continue to monitor the evolving situation with COVID-19, and the CRT meets regularly regarding any decisions the Seminary may need to take in response to these changes.  As a result of its most recent meeting, the Seminary’s CRT announces the latest updates and reminders below. Please note that all announced decisions always include the disclaimer that subsequent CDC, state and local guidance may require the Seminary to alter its decisions at any point in time.

  • Per the action by Kentucky’s Governor, effective Friday, July 10, all persons entering any Asbury Theological Seminary facility will be required to wear a mask while inside, except when alone in one’s work space.
  • For its Fall 2020 semester, Asbury Theological Seminary plans to follow its regular schedule, and all in-person instruction is planned to proceed accordingly at this time. Currently, the only modification to the fall schedule is that all instruction following the Thanksgiving break will occur in an online format. What this means:
    • The academic calendar will unfold as originally presented, and it can be found here: Any adjustments that might be made will be updated at the link above, so please check it regularly. Please direct any questions about in-person instruction to the Registrar’s Office.
    • All students will be expected to sit in an appropriately distanced manner in all classrooms, and masks will be required as well.
    • Each instructor will be responsible for communicating to the students in each course the details regarding the online post-Thanksgiving instruction for that course.
  • The restriction on employee and Seminary-sponsored international travel has been extended until further notice. The CRT will continue to monitor the international travel situation and communicate any updates to this restriction as may be warranted. We look forward to welcoming our international students and visiting scholars this fall. These members of our community will be expected to follow all applicable government (originating country, as well as U.S.), state and CDC guidance regarding any travel, potential quarantine period, etc. prior to and upon their arrival in the U.S.

REMINDER: As the Seminary’s operation, particularly on its Kentucky Campus, involves many components, these various components will follow the appropriate, corresponding state guidance for reopening. For example, the Seminary’s fitness areas must adhere to the state’s guidance for fitness centers, Estes Chapel will follow guidance for “Houses of Worship” as it restarts in the fall, etc. Therefore, please be patient with these areas as they seek to remain compliant and contact them directly for further information about their respective guidelines. The Seminary expects the community to follow the corresponding guidance presented for each area of the Seminary as we work together to operate in a safe manner. Thank you!

REMINDER: Seminary staff remain available to support anyone in our community who desires it. Please contact the appropriate person/office below based on your particular category or need:

  • Faculty – Provost’s Office (859.858.2206)
  • Wilmore students – Ty Konopinski (859.858.2093)
  • Wilmore staff – Human Resources (859.858.2221)
  • Non-Wilmore students and staff – Eric Currie (407.482.7635)
  • Prayer or any other support – Community Formation (859.858.2391)

In lieu of contacting what might be the normal office or area during this closure, any employee with any questions about any of these, or other, matters should first contact their director and/or vice president directly for assistance.