In September 2022, Senator Mitch McConnell read to the Senate a congressional honor of the 100th anniversary of Asbury Theological Seminary. Senator McConnell asked his colleagues to join him in honoring what he called “this renowned Kentucky institution” and “its outstanding contributions to our Nation’s spiritual strength.”

Senator McConnell outlined the founding of Asbury Theological Seminary, reminding his colleagues that it began with only three students and now enrolls more than 1,800 students from 80 denominations and 50 countries. He sincerely thanked Dr. Tennent and all of Asbury Seminary’s staff, alumni, and students for helping to place Kentucky at the center of America’s religious education. He asked his colleagues to join him in congratulating Asbury Seminary for a century of service and success and wishing for its continued spread of scriptural holiness throughout the world.

Read the full statement from the congressional record.