Christ’s Identity

Christ’s Identity as a Servant in the Old Testament

God thinks differently than we as humans do. We think that our problem is powerlessness, and if we can accumulate as much power as possible, our problems will be solved. But our problem isn’t a lack of power; it’s alienation from our creator and each other. To solve our problem, we must lay our lives down before our loving creator, receive his gifts of life, so that we can have gifts to give away to others.


How do you see Jesus Christ as servant?

In your own life, what do you see as areas of power and areas of authority?

Where do you need to lay down your power to serve others?

Christ’s Identity as a Servant in the New Testament

Humility is an action word that involves stepping down and serving others. We are called to submit ourselves, our lives, our emotions, our plan, our everything to be servants like Jesus and Paul. We are to love and serve the least, last and lost with as much zeal as we serve the most, best and found. The call to servanthood is following the example of Jesus and Paul and being faithful unto death. It’s both a high and low calling. Are you ready to say yes?


Where do we first see Jesus as servant?

What does it mean for you to live humbly? Are you prepared to understand that humility is an action word that means stepping down and serving others?

What is Jesus advocating when he says don’t live like the leaders of this world, but model yourselves after me?