Whom do we serve?

We often think of servanthood as something we do for people who are in authority over us. As we serve, it’s important to ask ourselves if we not only have the actions of service, but also have the attitude of service. We must remember that we are not only called to serve those above us, but we are also called to serve those in our closest circles, in our families, our friend groups, our children, our neighbors, and our co-workers. We’re also called to serve the least, the last, and the left behind, remembering that we are actually serving Christ. The life of service is not some great mystery where we have to hunt people to serve. They are right on our doorstep. Who is God calling you to serve today?


Where do we find the people that we are supposed to serve?

As you serve others with your actions, do you also have the attitude and heart of service that Jesus calls us to?

Is there a person that God is specifically calling you to serve this week?