Our Identity

We can’t redeem ourselves, but Jesus became a ransom for us. We blow it off sometimes because we think He is God and just “arranged” our salvation. But when he became flesh, he felt what we feel. When they pounded the nails in his hands, he was making a big sacrifice for us. That’s the depth of his love for us. He invites us to love one another with that same love. He invites us to look for ways we can serve and care for one another. If this is the example, what does it mean to be his follower and live as Jesus lived?


How have you seen Jesus’ kingdom today? How is it different than you might have expected?

Jesus understood busyness, but what are you busy doing? Is it kingdom work or work to benefit yourself?

How is God calling you to serve others?

Dr. Steve Martyn—Our Identity as Servants of Jesus

Jesus came to earth, fully God and fully human, to fulfill his father’s mission to redeem us. Through joyful self-forgetfulness, Jesus serves as an example of how he and his father were one through the Holy Spirit. But the Bible tells us, and Jesus shows us, that our first service is not to others, but to love and worship God. We are first called to love God with all our hearts, soul, mind and strength, and out of that rootedness, live a life of selfless service.


What is the relationship between worship and service?

What are you learning about God’s love? How is He grounding you in that?

How is Jesus giving you the strength to live and serve and love?