The faculty at Asbury Seminary are engaging instructors, innovative thinkers, rigorous researchers and accomplished writers. They are committed to seeing students excel academically, but more importantly they desire to see a maturing of spiritual growth and formation.

Our multicultural faculty totals 201 people, including visiting and affiliate professors. They represent eight Protestant denominations and come from various cultures and backgrounds, from church planting to graduates of medical school. During any given year, one-third of them are teaching abroad, making them well prepared to teach students with a global perspective. In 2011, they published more than 109 works. Many are award-winning authors like Craig Keener and Ben Witherington III. The faculty has also helped lead the way in developing online education. Asbury Seminary was one of the first institutions of its kind to offer online classes. The program has ballooned since its inception and now includes more than 150 classes per year.

Educational Assumptions

In the search for truth, the faculty at Asbury Seminary affirms the following guidelines: Scripture, reason, experience and tradition. While Asbury Seminary stands within the Wesleyan tradition and holds to a clearly defined statement of faith, the faculty is committed to academic freedom. Central to all academic work at the Seminary are two commitments: the first to Jesus Christ as sovereign Lord and the second to the pursuit of truth as a corporate and personal vocation. Faculty members and students are encouraged to carry on research, lecturing and publishing that reflect a growing knowledge of God and a widening awareness of truth. The faculty members are committed to the objective study and discussion of all theological opinions, and the Seminary regards liberty of conscience as an important dimension of theological and personal integrity.